Curriculum Vitae

Artwork: Rapahel (1509-1511); The School of Athens (detail).


Composer, Performer, Music Scholar  ●

Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge  ●

Founder & Director, Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble  ●

President, Wolfson College Music Society, Cambridge  ●


United Kingdom (residence), United States (citizenship), Iran (place of birth) °1984

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Composition, Ethnomusicology, 20th/21st-Century Musicology, Experimental Music, Electroacoustic Music, Philosophy, Linguistics


2020-2023    University of Cambridge, PhD in Music — awaiting viva

2019              University of Queensland, Philosophy and Critical Thinking — Certificate course

2019              Orpheus Institute + Leuven University, Artistic Research in Music — Certificate course 

2013-2014    State University of New York, Stony Brook, Music Composition — Postgraduate studies

2009-2011    University of Tehran, MA in Music Composition

2005-2009    University of Tehran, BA in Music Performance

2004              Azad University of Tehran, Music Performance — Undergraduate studies

1997-2003    National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents, Diploma in Mathematics


2020-2023    The Dr Grantham Scholarship, Doctoral Research — Wolfson College, University of Cambridge 

2015              Diploma in Performing & Multimedia Arts — New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) 

2014              Selected Composer — New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) 

2012              First Prize — Counterpoint-Italy International Composition Competition 

2009              2nd Place (out of 78815 Applicants) — National Concours for Public Universities in Iran

2008              The Jury Prize, Best Composition — 24th Fadjr International Music Festival 


2021-2023    Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble — Founder, Director, Conductor

2020-2023    Wolfson College Music Society, University of Cambridge — President

2021              Part IA Music in Contemporary Societies, University of Cambridge — Accompanist

2020-2021    Wolfson Research Event 2021, University of Cambridge — Editorial Officer

2020              Journal for Artistic Research — Peer Reviewer

2017-2019    Piano School of NYC, New York — Instructional Faculty

2017-2019    Music School of New York City, New York — Instructional Faculty

2014-2018    The Firehouse Space (Music Venue), Brooklyn, New York — Assistant Director

2014-2018    Samadis' Records, New York, NY — Founder & Artistic Director

2013-2014    Electronic Music Studio, State University of New York, Stony Brook — Assistant

2013-2014    Department of Music, State University of New York, Stony Brook — Administrative Assistant

2006-2009    Concentus Chamber Orchestra, Tehran — Founder & Conductor


Avec Boulez, Mallarmé, et Foucault, for ensemble, duration: 45' (Cambridge: 2022)

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, 2 saxophones, strings, guitar, piano, 2 voices

PERFORMANCES: Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble (dir. Saman Samadi)é-et-foucault


Through a Veil, for wind quintet and fixed media, duration: 9' (Cambridge: 2021)

Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, horn in F, bassoon, and fixed media

PRESENTATION: Cambridge Music Faculty's Composers' Workshop, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Through a Veil, performed and recorded by Saman Samadi Collective (New York: N.Anton Dromia, 2021).


Thus Spoke Earth, for violin and piano and fixed media, duration: 25' (Cambridge: 2021)

PRESENTATION: Cambridge Music Faculty's Composers' Workshop, Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea.

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Thus Spoke Earth, performed and recorded by Saman Samadi & Kristin Samadi (forthcoming).


Shattering in Seven Pieces for Dream and Wedding and Death, for string quartet, duration: 14' (Cambridge: 2022)

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Shattering for string quartet, to be performed & recorded by Saman Samadi, Junya Makino, Kimia Hesabi, and Sarah Henderson (forthcoming).


Vāyuvēra, for piano trio, duration: 18' (Cambridge: 2021)

PRESENTATION: The 2021 British Forum for Ethnomusicology and Royal Musical Association Research Conference, Amatis Piano Trio.

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Vāyuvēra, performed and recorded by Juniya Makino, Nicky Swett, and Kristin Samadi (forthcoming).āyuvēra


Aša, for flute, duration: 8' (New York City, USA - Cambridge, UK: 2020-2021)ša

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Asha, performed and recorded by Mehrdad Gholami, in Pieces for the Flute (Tehran: Mahoor, 2021).

VIDEO (Scrolling Score): Saman Samadi, Asha, recorded by Mehrdad Gholami, Recording Session, Dallas, Texas, September 28th, 2020.


The Gāthās for Piano, a series of piano works, total duration hitherto: 20' (New York: 2018-2019)

Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanza I (2018)

Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanza II (2018)

Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanza III (2019)āthās-for-piano


Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanza III, Jonathan Powell, pianist.

 Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanzas I & II, Jared Redmond, pianist.


Saman Samadi, Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanza III, performed and recorded by Jonathan Powell (Prague: HAMU, 2019).

Saman Samadi, Ahunavaiti Gāthā, stanzas I & II, performed and recorded by Jared Redmond (Seoul: Hangyang, 2019).


Ānam Ārezust, for ensemble, duration: 5'20" (Cambridge: 2020)

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, bsn/horn, tpt, trbn/timp, tom-t/harp/vln, vla, vc, dbānam-ārezust


Mira, for violin and electronics, duration: 12'33" (New York, 2019)

PERFORMANCE/PUBLICATION: By its dedicatee Miranda Cuckson (forthcoming).


Aži Trio, saxophone, piano, and buchla (New York: 2019-2020)

Saman Samadi, founder, leader, & pianist; Sarah Manning, saxophonist; and Hans Tammen, buchla-player.ži-trio

PERFORMANCE: Aži Trio at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Saman Samadi, founder, leader, & pianist; Sarah Manning, saxophonist; Hans Tammen, buchla player. 


Aži Trio: Deceptive Assembly, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2020).

Aži Trio, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2019).


The Saman Samadi Quintet, voice, percussion, trumpet, double bass, piano & electronics (New York: 2018-2019)

Amber Evans, soprano, Caitlin Cawley, percussionist, Martin Movagh, trumpet player, Sam Zagnit, double bassist, and Saman Samadi, founder, leader, pianist, & sound artist.



Saman Samadi Quintet: Walking with the Wind, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2018)

Saman Samadi Quintet in the Village, NYC, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2018)

Saman Samadi Quintet at Areté, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2018)

Saman Samadi Quintet | NYC, Saman Samadi, leader & video artist (New York, 2018)

Walking With the Wind (Manhattan School of Music, 2018)

Scream, In Silence (Live, 2018)

Under the Oeacen (Live, 2018)

Dancing With Miles (Live, 2018)

Melancholia (Live, 2018)

Grotte De Cristal (Live, 2018)

A Wolf Lying In Wait (Live, 2018)

Suffocation (Live, 2018)

Dream (Live, 2018)

Saman Samadi Quintet, with Jorge Nuno, at the Bushwick Series (New York, 2019).


Nostalgia, five multimedia compositions (electroacoustic music & video art), total duration: 44' (New York: 2015-2016)



Ghorbat (September 20, 2016)

Berceuses (October 7, 2016)

Vāyu (November 1, 2016)

Retroception (October 18, 2016)

Hura (July 28, 2015)

Saman Samadi, Nostalgia (New York: Samadis' Records, 2018).


Chamrosh, a collection of four works for saxophone, total duration: 47' (New York: 2015-2016)


Chamrosh: works for saxophone. Lecture-Performance. Anthony Izzo, saxophonist, and Saman Samadi, pianist.

July 29, 2015, ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY, USA.


Chamrosh, ​​for tenor saxophone (2016)

I-V-complex No.1, for alto saxophone and piano (2015)

I-V-complex No.2, for saxophone quartet (2015)

Before Your Very Eyes, for saxophone and piano (2015)

Saman Samadi, Chamrosh, Performed by Saman Samadi and Anthony Izzo (New York: Samadis' Records, 2018).


Impromptus, a collection of six multimedia works (piano, electronics, & video-art), duration: 6' (New York: 2017)



Shekasteh Mouyeh, a collection of nine multimedia compositions, total duration: 62' (New York: 2015)

PERFORMANCE: Saman Samadi, pianist, vocalist, video & electronic sounds artist. 


Frenzied (2015)

Shattered Mourning (2015)

Injustice (2015)

Desolation (2015)

Ramkali (2015)

Zenith (2015)

Dissident (2015)

Dashtestani (2015)

Satori (2015)

Saman Samadi, Shekasteh Mouyeh (New York: Samadis' Records, 2016).

MUSIC-VIDEO: Composer, video designer & editor: Saman Samadi; videographers: Arian Vaziridaftari, Saman Samadi. Filmed on location in Tehran and Shiraz, Iran (New York, 2015)


Tears' Scratch, for two violins, duration: 8'20" (New York: 2012)


Saman Samadi, Tears' Scratch, performed and recorded by Miranda Cuckson & Austin Wulliman (Score Follower, 2016)

Saman Samadi, Tears' Scratch, performed and recorded by Miranda Cuckson & Austin Wulliman (New York: Samadis' Records, 2018)


Paj, for flute and piano, duration: 14' (New York: 2011)



Saman Samadi, Paj, performed by Linda Wetherill and Kristin Barone-Samadi (New York: Samadis' Records, 2018).


Scheherazade, for saxophone quartet, duration: 6'30" (New York: 2017)



Saman Samadi, Scheherazade, performed by LX Saxophone Quartet (New York: Samadis' Records, 2017).


Apām Napāt Trio, clarinet/saxophone, buchla, piano & voice (New York: 2016-2020)

Blaise Silwula, clarinist/saxophonist, Hans Tammen, buchla, and Saman Samadi, founder, leader, pianist & vocalist.



Apām Napāt Trio at Scoles Studio (New York, 2018)

Apām Napāt Trio: Homayun (New York, 2018)

Apām Napāt Trio: Chahargah (New York, 2018)

Apām Napāt Trio at the Firehouse Space no.1 (New York, 2018)

Apām Napāt Trio at the Firehouse Space no.2 (New York, 2018)

Apām Napāt Trio, with Jorge Nuno (New York, 2016)

Saman Samadi, Apām Napāt Trio, Āpām Napāt: 16 pieces [live] (New York: Samadis' Records, 2016).

Āp (Live, 2016)

Asha (Live, 2016)

Deava (Live, 2016)

Yima (Live, 2016)

Ariyāramna (Live, 2016)

Vivanhant (Live, 2016)

Haoma (Live, 2016)

Verethragna (Live, 2016)

Yasna (Live, 2016)

Apām Napāt (Live, 2016)

Anahita (Live, 2016)

Hauruuatāt (Live, 2016)

Ahura (Live, 2016)

Manu (Live, 2016)

Zahhak (Live, 2016)

Mithra (Live, 2016)ām-napāt-trio


Bazzad, for violin and symphony orchestra, duration: 12' (Tehran: 2012)

Instrumentation: - - 3perc: (1) tom-t (BTAS)/ tam-t(lg)/ BD/ (2) t-bells/ susp-cym(md&lg)/ crash-cym(lg)/ marimb/ vib/ gong(lg)/ (3) timp/ woodb(hrd&lg) - strings >

PRESENTATION: Bazzad, Reading Session. Soloist, Jaram Kim; Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra, dir. Timothy Long.


U-Turn, a collection of five multimedia compositions, total duration: 50'12" (Tehran: 2010-2014)



Magnapinna in the Abdomen of a Newborn, Composer and video artist: Saman Samadi (Tehran, 2012).

U-Turn, Composer, violinist, and video artist: Saman Samadi (Tehran, 2011).

Safhe-ye Nakhl (Eng. Palm Plate), for dozaleh and electronic sounds (2014)

Amiri, electroacoustic (2012)

Qatār-e Arvāh, electroacoustic (2010)

Magnapinna in the Abdomen of a Newborn, for electronic sounds and video-art (2012)

U-Turn, an algorithmic piece for electronic sounds and video-art (2011)

Saman Samadi, U-Turn (New York: Samadis' Records, 2015).


Microtonal Piano Solos, a collection of nine microtonal piano pieces, total duration: 55' (New York: 2015)


Oracle (2015)

Solitude (2015)

Sisyphus (2015)

Annica (2015)

Perception (2015)

Madman (2015)

Satire (2015)

Existence (2015)

Deprivation (2015)

Magnetic (2015)

Subjectivity (2015)

Saman Samadi, Microtonal Piano Solos, Performed by Saman Samadi (New York: Samadis' Records, 2015).


Persia 1909, Iran 1971, for four improvising performers, duration: 10' (New York: 2014)

Instrumentalists: a pianist, two percussionists, and a performer of any melodic instrument (oboe is suggested)

PRESENTATION: Persia 1909, New Music Performance Practice Workshop with Laura Smith, oboist, Erika Dohi, pianist, Mark Utley and Elizabeth Dorman, percussionists. 

PUBLICATION: Iran 1971, Composer and video editor: Saman Samadi (New York, 2018).


Teryan, for violin and piano, duration: 8' (New York: 2014)

PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Teryan, Performed by Saman Samadi and Kristin Samadi (New York, 2014).


Fog & Fugue, for guitar, duration: 7' (Tehran: 2007)


PUBLICATION: Saman Samadi, Fog & Fugue, Performed by Dan Keene (Rutherford, 2013).


Panj, for soprano, baritone, and orchestra, duration: 5" (New York: 2013)


Sound and Fury, for chamber orchestra, duration: 14' (New York: 2012)





Symphony in Three Movements, for large orchestra, duration: 20' (Tehran: 2009)

PRESENTATION: Unfolding Samadi's Symphony in Three Movements, Seminar, University of Tehran. 


Apadana's Amphora, for piano, duration: 7' (Tehran: 2008)

PERFORMANCE: Piano Recital, Kiana Shafiei, Art University of Tehran.


Camisado, for chamber ensemble, duration: 9' (Tehran: 2007)

PERFORMANCE: Concentus Orchestra, conductor: Saman Samadi.


Sheyda, for string orchestra, duration: 3'32" (Terhan: 2006)