Artwork: Caravaggio (1599-1600); The Calling of Saint Matthew.
Instrumentation: flute and piano
Total duration: 14'
Date: 2011Location: Tehran, Iran.

“Paj” won first prize in the Counterpoint-Italy International Composition Competition, in 2012, and was given a New York premiere by flutist Linda Wetherill, and pianist Kristin Barone-Samadi, in December of that same year.* A recording of this composition was published on digital music platforms on the 24th of July, 2017.

* The collaboration of the composer with the pianist in this project led them to a marriage from which they have now two children, Përajhars and Scheherazade


Nicole Camacho, and Kristin Barone-Samadi.  

APRIL 8, 2014, Staller Center, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, USA.

Linda Wetherill, and Kristin Barone-Samadi.  

DECEMBER 16, 2012, RCC Rutherford, NJ, USA.

DECEMBER 2, 2012, Culturefix, NEW YORK, NY, USA.

Kouchyar Shahroudi, and Domitille Bès, L’ ensemble ECHO.

JUNE 29, 2012, Museum of modern art André Malraux (MuMa), LE HAVRE, FRANCE.


Saman Samadi, Paj, performed by Linda Wetherill and Kristin Barone Samadi (New York: Samadis' Records, 2018).

Saman Samadi - Paj (for flute and piano).pdf