Shekasteh Mouyeh

electronic sounds, voice & piano improvisation, and video art

Artwork: Artwork: Rembrandt (1628-1629); Self-portrait.
Total duration: 62'
Date: 2015Location: New York, New York, USA

Shekasteh Mouyeh was a project examining the confrontation of Persian musical modes with electroacoustic music material and techniques, and the problematisation of the results along with objects of video art and visual effects — creating a set of compositions that would exhibit novelty — and, the assemblage of them for and through a live performance utilizing improvisational methods as an attempt to expand timbral possibilities in a contextual relationship with Western contemporary classical music. 


Shekasteh Mouyeh, Multimedia Performance. Saman Samadi, pianist, vocalist, video & electronic sounds artist.

MAY 23, 2015, Spectrum, NEW YORK, NY, USA.


Composer, video designer & editor: Saman Samadi; videographers: Arian Vaziridaftari, Saman Samadi.

Filmed on location in Tehran and Shiraz, Persia (New York, 2015)


Saman Samadi, Shekasteh Mouyeh (New York: Samadis' Records, 2016).