Shekasteh Mouyeh

electroacoustic music, imrpovisation, & video art

Artwork: Jusepe de Ribera (c. 1628-1632); Penitent Saint Peter (detail).
Total duration: 62'
Date: 7 December 2018Location: New York, New York, USA

Shekasteh Mouyeh was a project examining the confrontation of the Persian microtonal modes with and within electroacoustic music material and techniques, and the problematisation of the results along with objects of video-art and visual effects, creating a set of compositions that would exhibit novelty; furthermore, the assemblage of them for and through a live performance utilizing improvisational methods as an attempt to expand timbral possibilities in a contextual relationship with Western contemporary classical music. The aim of this artistic-research was producing a syncretistic multimedia work of art that could serve in assimilating two perspectives of Persian and Western into a new coalescence towards the grail of a universal totality of classical forms.