Artwork: Jusepe de Ribera (c. 1628-1632); Penitent Saint Peter (detail).

Shattering in Seven Pieces for Dream and Wedding and Death

for string quartet

Duration: 14'

Date: May 2022
Location: Cambridge, UK

This composition is predicated upon seven segments extracted from the poem entitled Shattering in Fourteen New Pieces for Dream and Wedding and Death [in Persian: shekastan dar chahārdeh qat’e-ye no barāye royā va arusi va marg] (1993), by the late Reza Baraheni (13 Dec 1935—25 Mar 2022), a trailblazing luminary in the realm of postmodern Persian poetry. This work stands as a homage to his profound literary contributions. 


Saman Samadi, Shattering for string quartet, performed by Saman Samadi, violin; Junya Makino, violin; Polly Almond, viola; Sarah Henderson, cello. in Thus Spoke Earth (Cambridge: Saman Samadi Collective, 2023).